…um, we were arrested

by eddiehopper

Semana del 28 de noviembre de 2016SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve formally written an update. And wow we’ve had a great time lately! Well what happened this week…. um, we were arrested. It’s a long story but let’s just say the police are getting creative in finding ways to force money out of people at the end of the year. So, while walking to a lunch appointment, carrying a bunch of recently bought bread, my dear companion, Elder Shaner, brushed into an electricity meter that was sticking out, you know, those ones with the thick glass bulbs. They have those in the US verdad? Well it wasn’t really his fault, since the sidewalk is so narrow and keeping off the street gets complicated when there’s two way pedestrian traffic or any impediment on the ground. In this case, we had to squeeze one by one to safely travel on the sidewalk, since there was a light meter on the building side and a light post on the street side. But just to our luck, the light meter, which definitely wasn’t well placed, fell off and shattered all over, making a loud popping noise. And just to our luck, a nice, friendly police officer had witnessed the whole scene, so approaching us with his friendly little rifle he starts to politely interrogate us as to who we were and what had happened. Oh I forgot to mention this was the light meter of the town hall of San Buena. So like the most important light meter in the city, I guess.

Anyway the officer starts treating my poor companion how one would imagine Trump would treat a mexican, telling him to pick the broken shards of light meter and put them in his police truck, and then he got a little pointy with his rifle, telling my comp to get in the car as well. At this point, he seemed a little panicked for sure. Although I didn’t have to accompany him, as the officer reminded me, I figured I would also take a trip “down town” to fix this situation. During the ride, the cop started to threaten us about what we would have to pay for damaging public property. After making a couple phone calls to Saltillo, I decided the best way to get out of the situation was to play as innocent as possible. The only thing I could think of doing was tell my comp to fake cry. At that point, I didn’t realize Elder Shaner is probably the best actor I’ve ever seen. For probably 45 minutes straight, he kept a steady stream of tears flowing down his face, causing every single officer involved to feel awful and regret ever having treated us poorly. It was hilarious! So thanks to my comp, the prayers of the mission president, President Cahoon, and his wife, and the help of our “mom” in San Buena, Sister Alfaro, we were freed without suffering any damage or monetary detriment. And above all, we thank God for having allowed us to both live that experience and escape it without anything happening. The police are much more corrupt here than in the US. That’s automatically evident. It’s also evident that God’s hand plays a role in our lives and protects his missionaries. That morning, I had felt impressed to specifically ask for protection in our parting  prayer. Crazy huh? We saw both of the main officers involved today! They say hi. San Buena is really a small town. Think Nacho Libre.

Other news from this week.. hm earlier that same day we helped a woman break through her car by prying it open enough to push the window button down. Interestingly, her car was on and apparently “shut by itself” with her baby girl inside. She was really desperate during the whole incident so it was good to be of help.

We got the girl we baptized the previous week confirmed yesterday! She said she’s already seen changes in her life since her baptism! Her story is really amazing and she’s probably my strongest convert yet. Maybe it’s not good to brag, but I’m proud of all my converts, especially her 🙂

I’m slowly accepting that I probably won’t finish the mission here in San Buena, unfortunately. It’s been a crazy ride, but I’ll have to accept the possibility of not being with Elder Shaner for the next transfer 😦

Keep writing me! love y’all!