From Heros to Bandits–Elder Shaner’s version…

by eddiehopper


Hello Family!

Suffice it to say that I had an exciting week. Especially an exciting Saturday. With that I’ll tell you a little more about the rest of the week.
We had a fun day bowling today! I’ll send you pictures later. We went to Monclova and there with Elder Pedro and Elder Villatoro had a fun bowling game. I almost won! It came down to the last wire, but Elder Pedro won. He scored 113 and I got 112.
On Saturday we started off going to an investigators house, but on the way a lady started yelling at us to help her. We approached her house and there saw a man trying to break in to their locked car, this man was the lady’s husband I believe, and he was doing so with much urgency. The car was on and I thought,  “Oh, they locked the keys in the car with the car on, that might be bad for the car when it runs out of gas, I dont know why they are so frantic though”. Then, I saw the baby. Crying inside the car and sweating, probably only a year and a couple months old. But, us with the help of another lady, eventually got a car antenae in the car an poked a window button to roll down. They got the baby out and shook our hands. We left to teach the investigator.
That was the hero part.
Later in the day turned into “bandits” at least in the eyes of the police. We were walking past the main plaza when my shoulder bonked a light meter, I didn’t think anything of it, until we heard a pop and a shatter behing us. It so happened that a police officer was right there. He got out carrying his rifle and asked what happened. Eventually, we ended up getting in his patrol car, but we were very civil the whole time. He did get a little pointy with his rifle at one point when I realized he wanted me to get in. I just hesitated, not believing what was happening.
Well, know that we got to the police station under the understanding that he might of incarcerated us and charged us $5000 pesos. But, with the help of some members that showed up and me acting really scared. We got out with a good relationship with the police and not having served any jail time or being charged with any amount of money, truly a miracle wrought by God’s power to protect his missionaries, or that’s how I see it.
Well, I’ll send you picures later today.
I’ll be on for about another hour.
LOVE YOU! More that all the little pieces of glasses that spread when the meter dropped, that’s quite a few!