I’ve felt so fulfilled by the gospel lately!

by eddiehopper

Semana del 3 de octubre de 2016
So it’s been a great first week in training with Elder Shaner! He’s an incredible missionary with a sweet spirit and ganas to work! I’m so lucky I got him as my “son” on the mission! He’s from Boise, Idaho and he’s really cool. He already has Spanish practice with 5 years of study with a Spanish woman (vale tío) but I tell him he’ll end up talking like a norteño in no time.
So what’s happened? Oh yeah the great monarch butterfly migration has passed San Buena. I imagine the insects are almost to Michoacán by now.
I’ve felt so fulfilled by the gospel lately! I guess General Conference makes me feel this way usually. I’m starting to enjoy receiving revelation on behalf of my investigators instead of myself in personal study. It’s really gratifying. And I enjoy learning about the missionary purpose again as I have to communicate all my ideas to my little escuincle. Some amazing things happened this week, but I’ll share that for later!
Love y’all!