San Buena becomes Venice, Italy when it rains…wihtout the benefit of the góndolas

by eddiehopper

semana del 22 de agosto de 2016SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
Well one week down here in Sanbuenaventura, Coahuila, or San Güena, as they say here. This is a small town, smaller than Múzquiz, outside of Monclova, the second biggest city in the mission. The area itself is really good. And this time I’m sure they’ve moved me to the biggest area in the mission! Besides San Buena, this area includes several small towns, including, but not limited to Diana Laura, 8 de enero, Nadadores, La Madrid, and Cuatro Ciénagas, Coahuila. We’re frequently taking buses to get to different parts. It’s pretty fun.
So I had an interesting first Sunday, waking up with lots of rain. We had planned to pass by some investigators to take them to church with us, so we left early to make our trek to their house in the rain. Little did I know that San Buena becomes Venice, Italy when it rains even a little bit, wihtout the benefit of the góndolas of course, and the people here have a habit of hiding in their homes all day when it gets wet. So after sloshing our way to their house, we were disappointed to have them not come out. At this point, there was still an hour before church started, and we were assigned to give talks at 10:00 pm the previous night, so we decided to stop by a member’s house to dry off before arriving at church. 15 minutes before the meeting, we decide to hop in their car, but then we realized it was hopelessly stuck in the mud. So after fruitlessly trying to push the vehicle out of the mud, we decided the best option was to walk to church in the improvised canals of San Buena. We finally arrived 30 minutes late to a meeting with about 12 other people and the branch president calls me to give my talk. I take my sopping self to the front and give a short talk about repentance and baptism, yelling at the congregation (there’s no microphone, it’s amazing). So this is San Buena!
Keep writing to me! Love yall!
Elder Hopper