Noah and the hole in the ark

by eddiehopper

semana del 8 de agosto de 2016
Realizing this week that I have 7 months before I finish my mission! wow has time flown by!
This week’s highlight was probably when we baptized 2 young women into the Múzquiz branch. We really love them, and their mom, whom we are also working with to reactivate. This week she asked us an interesting question about Noah, since we were teaching their family about prophets. Apparently it’s commonly understood here that during Noah’s excursion, the ark got a hole in it, so in order to keep water from flowing through, Noah plugged the hole with one of the women on the boat, utilizing her backside to keep the ark dry. Which is apparently why, according to this hermana, women’s behinds are cold. So we had to explain that that story did not in fact come from the Bible jajaja. But she’s really sweet today she explained that her sister-in-law was trashing on the LDS church, saying it was the least truthful of all the churches, and without being able to defend herself intellectually, just says it was the church she liked and the church her daughters got baptized into, so she was gonna keep attending there. A powerful woman!
What else happened. Ha oh my companion, Elder Faraimo, got a kid hit this week. Well, as often happens, this kid wanted to be cool by yelling a curse word at us, but his mom was there this time lol. So he asks us, “¿Qué es ‘p***y’?” to which my comp responded, “¡Es una maldición!” and so the niño’s mom grabbed him and really gave it to him!
That’s about it. Love y’all!
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