Headed to Monclova…my luck is turning

by eddiehopper

semana del 15 de agosto de 2016
Taba llueve llueve toda la semana! And now they’re sending me to another area, despite my pleas to the mission offices that they keep me here. Elder Faraimo is replacing me as district leader here and he’s training, which is without surprise. It’s just strange cause I’ve never seen a junior comp replace his senior til now. Se la bañaron neta.
What else happened? Oh yeah, La Sonora Dinamita came to Múzquiz! We got some pictures with them, but because of the rain, they weren’t able to perform 😦
Well I gotta go to get on a bus to Nueva Rosita right now, and then I’m headed to Monclova tomorrow. Ugh my luck keeps getting worse haha but I’m trying to stay positive! 7 more months! Love y’all! Les quiero a todos!
Elder Eddie Hopper
Update: my new comp is Elder Vílchez, from Perú! I love that kid. I had several opportunities to do divisions with him in Acuña, and he’s amazing. So my luck is turning. My new area is San Buenaventura, in Monclova. Well the stake is Monclova, but I feel like the area is gonna be in San Buena, Coahuila. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES