Thank you all for your interest and your prayers. I can feel them.

by eddiehopper


Semana del 11 de julio de 2016

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. We had a good Independence Day. Sometimes the holidays just pass without me remembering, but I can’t resist celebrating our nation’s independence! Now we’re coming up on Mexican Independence Day, my other nation’s day of independence.

Well I just passed the past week of probably the hardest and most trying transfer of my mission, but somehow also one of the funnest… Last Tuesday they sent another American here to Múzquiz to be my first American companion in about 8 months. Well I say American but he was born in Samoa and his name is Elder Bernard Faraimo. Currently his family lives in Riverside, California. And he’s amazing! He only has 6 months in the mission, but he carries himself like he has 18, he teaches well, he smiles all the time, he’s really just an inspiration to me and really the hardest working, most obedient and humble comp I’ve had. And we get along great! we’re going to the gym every day to get big. He’s really strong! Like we’re the same size but he’s stronger than me! Anyway enough about my comp. Well no actually haha his first Sunday here (yesterday) he stood up in the last class where the Relief Society and Priesthood were together and gave an inspirational speech to all the members out of nowhere! jaja I love him!

Múzquiz is good too. Nothing new to report. Just learning a lot from my companion and having a good time on the mission!

Thank you all for your interest and your prayers. I can feel them. Your support means a lot. Love you all!