You just have to invent your own fun, all within the rules of course.

by eddiehopper

Semana del 13 de junio de 2016

I can’t think of too much to write today. Just normal week here. I’m slowly getting used to life in Múzquiz. I really like it here. I just wish we had bikes. I think this area is bigger than the one I had in Acuña, which I thought was one of the biggest in the mission before. But I really like the people here! I’m just gonna go on with the discussion questions:

Describe what you do on your Prep Day.    On P-day… rest mostly haha. Today we went to the gym actually. We’ve been going to the gym every day we can. It’s sort of one of our challenges as a companionship. We usually eat with members. In other areas where malls existed, we would go to the mall, I’ve climbed mountains (big hills), grilled some carne asada, went to all-you-can-eat buffets. You just have to invent your own fun, all within the rules of course.
Describe some of the people you meet or the things you see each day.    Well when we decide to do a lot of contacting, we end up meeting lots of new people. Mexicans have a different life style than the one we’re used to. We see lots of parties, especially on weekends, when they bring out the big speakers and blast la banda music and make a carne asada and drink all night long. We see lots of ugly dogs. We see lots of families in their natural state. That sounds weird, but it’s true cause often people aren’t expecting company and you show up knocking on their door.
Describe how, when, and where you do your laundry.   Well here we have a washer in the apartment complex, which is nice. And we just dry our clothes by hanging them around the house. If I’m in an area where there’s no washer, we just go with a nice sister who’ll help us.
Describe your church meetings, what you do, where you meet, how many attend, how people get there, how far away they must come or what they go through to get there.    Pretty normal meetings. There’s no gospel principles class in this branch, so we just attend the normal sunday school with the investigators. People walk or use their car. You can basically walk from any part of Muzquiz to any other part if you have aguante. There were actually a lot of people yesterday in church, like 60.

That’s it for this week! Love y’all!