There was a problem with area 1 of Muzquiz with the missionaries…they were sent to jail for a bit…

by eddiehopper

Semana del 30 de Mayo de 2016


1 week down in Mùzquiz, at least 5 more to go….
Nah jk I love it here! It’s super pretty! Y las muchachas son hermosas!! O bonillas como dice mi compañero. My comp is from Guaymas, Sonora. His name is Edwin Martìn Cervantes Acosta. My first northern comp! He’s awesome. Which is good cause we’re the only 2 missionaries for a while. There was a problem with area 1 of Muzquiz with the missionaries, causing the mission to have to close the area. Without going too far into details, let’s just say they were falsely accused by inactive church members of stealing money and were sent to jail for a bit… Also the little branch here has its problems, Hatfield and McCoy style. It’s super interesting..they just called a new branch president though. Hopefully things calm down a bit. I’ll let you know how it goes here. Seeing as they took me from my previous area with only a transfer in, I have a feeling they’ll keep me here for a while. I’m in the zone Nueva Rosita. There are 16 of us in 4 small towns in the middle of Coahuila: Nueva Rosita, Sabinas, Palaù, and Mùzquiz. We have to travel an hour by bus to get to the zone meetings!
About Muzquiz, it’s pretty small, but not that small. And we’re basically covering the whole town by foot. Hopefully we’ll get bikes with the new mission president that’s coming. It’s really green here, and hot as an oven. Saltillo is cold in comparison! And it’s true that the chorizo is really good here. And cheap. My comp says it’s cause they use dog. lol. And apparently there’s a tribe here called the Kikapù (that’s right, kick-a-poo). Haven’t seen any native Kikapues yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. Also there’s a community of once slaves that live just outside of the town, according to my comp. I ask him a lot of questions cause I’m pretty lost here jaja..
So I was also working my way through the discussion questions:
Describe your weather and climate. Write about the temperature at different times during the day or year. If it rained tell about walking through puddles or the worms on the road that you had to step on etc.
Um… It’s hot and humid here. In the rest of the mission, it’s just desert, so I’m happy to be in a greener part. When it rains, the roads stop functioning, as the water runoff infrastructure isn’t a government priority in Mexico.
Describe how your clothes are working out. Which ones are your favorites?
Describe your medications and how they are working out, what you are using most, or getting low on.
These questions are getting strange and personal.
Describe what you are learning so far.
Lots of things! Mostly how to talk to people, the scriptures, and of course Spanish!
Describe if you have any special meetings, who spoke and what did they speak about, something their words meant to you or made you think about.
Oh yeah that reminds me, I was assigned to speak my first Sunday in Muzquiz. It was interesting, since I basically said that Mexicans have a hard time being punctual. I think it made a strong impression. Lots of mixed reactions. Haha Mexicans are also sensitive.
That’s about it! Until next week,
Elder Eddie Hopper