I’ve made some more lifetime friend…oh yeah I tried menudo for the first time and didn’t die!

by eddiehopper

Semana del 23 de Mayo de 2016

Another successful week! I’ve really enjoyed my short time here in this area, and I think I’ve made some more lifetime friends, as in my other areas. Unfortunately, they’re moving me to an area in a small town called Mùzquiz, Coahuila. Apparently it’s pretty there, like a tourist town or something. And the chorizo is famous! I’ll tell y’all how it goes next week…

As far as the work here, we were able to baptize a beautiful young couple! Definitely the highlight of the week and perhaps the change. Other things that happened… oh yeah I tried menudo for the first time and didn’t die! I actually really liked it. For those that aren’t familiar with Mexican cuisine, menudo is a stew made with red chili, corn, and cow stomach. Apparently all the Americans get super sick the first time they try it. So I either passed the test or I have a latent stomach virus..

Oh yeah and we ran into a guy that we met about a year ago while near the Saltillo center again. I think I talked about him in one of my previous posts, a guy from Texas who randomly started talking to us about how the Bible talks about aliens. Anyways he basically said the same stuff this time, asking us why we were religious instead of spiritual. Who knows..

So it’s been a good change but now I’m preparing to go with an Elder Cervantes from Somora. I’m excited to get to know him. I certainly hope we get along cause it’ll just be us in the little branch in Mùzquiz.

K love you all!