I like taking the bus cause I get to people watch more

by eddiehopper

Semana del 16 de Mayo de 2016


An update on the work here: we baptized 2 weeks in a row this transfer! We were able to baptize the mother and her daughter from that family from Vera Cruz that I talked about! And we’re planning to baptize 2 more people this weekend! If those baptisms don’t fall through, this will definitely be my most successful transfer as far as numbers are concerned. It’s been a good transfer so far, needless to say.

I figure I should take some time to answer a couple more discussion questions this week:

Mention what things you’re missing from home. Your favorite candy just might show up in a care package.
Lots of things. Candy? not so much. Mostly I miss American construction methods. US houses are a lot more comfortable. Oh and my family 😉

Describe how you get around to places. How long does it take, what you see, hear, and smell as your traveling about.
Usually by taxi. Sometimes by bus, when we are familiar with the bus routes. In my other areas, I was more dedicated to figuring that out, as it always ended up saving us several pesos. Oh yeah when we’re in our area or in the area of the ward, it’s pure walking.
How long does it take?
Idk I’ve learned lots of patience in the mission. I like taking the bus cause I get to people watch more. I see lots of things, nothing really sticks out anymore jaja.

Describe and give details about your companion. Is there someone that he reminds you of? Where is your companion from? What is his full name? How long has he been out? What do you know about his family, likes, dislikes…etc.
My comp is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He’s my first Latin comp that hasn’t been from Mexico, so I enjoy talking about what sort of differences there are between Mexico and Honduras. He just says it’s more dangerous there, and there’s actually reason to be scared of the cholitos. Oh yeah his name is Sergio Gòmez Sabio. I think he only has one name. He’s been out 11 months in the mission. His likes.. fútbol soccer, eggs, chorizo, and flour tortillas, la bachata, women, the gospel. His dislikes… mole, and people from Saltillo. lol. Don’t know much about his family. He has an older brother who has served a mission, and a little brother that’s about to turn 8.

Well that’s all I have to say this week. Love y’all!

Elder Eddie Hopper