Haha so yesterday a deported guy almost attacked us! Super loco.

by eddiehopper

semana del 29 de febrero de 2016

Happy leap day everyone! Another successful week down! This week was especially fun cause we got to spend time with our zone leader Elder Stockman the whole week! And he’ll be staying as one of our zone leaders for this next change, and will be working with the previous president’s assistant, Elder Ninataype from Utah. And I’m staying with Elder López for at least another transfer!

One miracle that happened this week was that we finally got a certain family to go to church. Well the children had gone before several times and the mom as well, but after time the father didn’t allow any of them to associate with the Mormons. We found their names written on some records with the date of over a year ago while we were cleaning the house a little while ago. Apparently the missionaries were on the verge of baptizing the daughters before their dad ran them out and forbade them from going to church any longer. But on Saturday we got the district president to accompany us to invite the patriarch of the family to the district conference and wouldn’t you know it, everyone came! Our plans are all coming together!

Haha so yesterday a deported guy almost attacked us! So we always run into people that are from all over Mexico cause the American border patrols just dump them in Acuña after capturing them in the US. He started talking to us in English (I feel bad for some people cause they’re forced to live in Mexico without understanding a lick of Spanish because they aren’t technically allowed to live in the US. So they kind of belong nowhere), so we engaged and were gonna contact him but he went all crazy and started cussing at us and then he lunged at me but he could probably tell I would have defended myself so he just walked away. Super loco. Sometimes I don’t know how to do with people like that…

Also today we had the chance to cross the international bridge up until the American guards got mad at us on the other side and told us to go back! I guess you could say I’ve been in Del Rio, TX now. On the way back, we started talking to some Mexican soldiers about the church and they seemed really interested in our message. We told them we’d return tomorrow to give them some Books of Mormon.

Oh also I shaved my head! I’ll send photos later but I just want everyone to know. And I want everyone to know I’m fine here and I’m safe and sound. We take care of ourselves and we have everything we need, so don’t worry anyone. I really enjoy this opportunity to learn more every day about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s really a simple gospel but there’s an overwhelming amount of things to learn. One of the most precious parts of the mission is the time we get in the morning to study the scriptures and pray. I’d just like to invite everyone to keep doing those simple little things whenever they can!

Love you all!