our taxi driver almost hit a horse!

by eddiehopper

semana del 22 de Febrero de 2016

Les debo una disculpa a todos por no haber escrito en tanto tiempo! Well this week went super well! I’m trying not to count all my chickens before they hatch (to use my dear mother’s work advice), but it seems we’re gonna have a couple of baptisms in these next couple of weeks! We had the opportunity to take out some youth on divisions this week so we were able to do interchanges and get twice as much work done on Friday! It went pretty well so we’re gonna try to do it again for this next week as well. Also, something happened in Saltillo so our beloved zone leader Elder Stockman will be accompanying us for the rest of this change, or the week of it that remains. What else happened this week… oh yeah a Little while ago our taxi driver almost hit a horse! #SóloEnAcuña

Les quiero mucho!

Elder Hopper


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