Some crazy things happened to us during the week!

by eddiehopper



Semana del 8 de Febrero 2016

Well I’ll have to review the last two weeks since I didn’t have time to write an update for last week! Good things are happening this change. We recently started reteaching an old investigator who is super awesome. She’s probably our best chance of baptizing this transfer. The only problem is their dad got offended a while back because the missionaries came while she was alone or something and he took it the wrong way and then he started forcing him to go to his church, that being the reason why the missionaries stopped visiting her. We’re gonna give it our best shot softening the heart of her papá so she can get baptized. She really wants to, that’s for sure. Last time we visited her I shared 1 Nephi 3:7 and we talked about how anything is possible if it’s the will of the Lord. Also we’re working with a girl who for the past 7 weeks I had assumed she was already baptized but it looks like she isn’t, so hopefully we’ll get to perform the ordinance, if her mom lets us. I don’t know what’s up with parents not letting their kids worship according to their own conscience…

First, while we were cleaning with the door open, we saw a man from across the lawn approaching. Well I didn’t see cause I was invested in my mopping job but my comp told me, “Hopper, mira, ya viste?” and so I looked outside and this big man standing by our doorway with a pistol strapped to his leg and a santa muerte chain necklace. Haha luckily all he wanted was the number of the landlord to the apartments where we were living. So we might have a narco neighbor soon. Later, while we were walking to a sister’s house for lunch, we passed by a brigade of police trucks, about 20 of them, with 6 men in the back of each, each with their own rifle. Then there were a couple GATES trucks, and then some white trucks too. My comp said the white ones were the Judiciales and they had the most power. Who knows. But as the brigade progressed, the trucks all starting separating in the neighborhood, each one to a street. Apparently they were searching for someone important. Did they find him? I’ll let you know if I find out.

Besides that, it’s been a couple of pretty tranquil weeks. I’ll keep y’all informed on all the happenings here in México. See ya!

Elder Hopper


Cindy’s notes: Eddie said he “stepped in that green water.” I am fairly confident that is the sort of thing most missionaries don’t share with their mothers until they have returned safely home…without a dangerous water borne disease. Of course, they also don’t usually share stories about wandering gunmen.”

There are rarely explanations with Eddie’s photos, so we are left to guess. He is a fan of animals, thus the dogs.  He is a fan of the food, thus the tacos. The bugs? Suppose he ate those? That’s kind of an Eddie thing.