A day without anomalies is the only possible anomaly

by eddiehopper



semana del 18 de enero de 2016

Well I’m staying here in Acuñita! They’re moving my comp to where I was born (or started), in Obregón 2, and he’ll have to open the area with one of the other elders from this this branch, like me and my trainer, Elder Rose did. What a coincidence. Well I suppose

. They’re putting me with an Elder López, a poblano whom I don’t know. Wish me luck this change! Love you all! Take it easy,


Oh for those that are interested, I had a couple more English run-ins this week. First, we contacted a woman who let us enter her house and then her daughter came in speaking perfect English! So she had several questions about the gospel directed at me. I gotta say it was hard to talk about gospel things in English! I kept wanting to go back to Spanish but I could tell she wanted to speak to me in English. And then during the sacrament meeting there was a woman from Connecticut who visited with her veracruzano boyfriend. She didn’t speak any Spanish even though they had been living in Vera Cruz for 2 years and recently moved to Acuña. I was gonna translate the Sunday School class for her, but then they assigned me to give the class extemporaneously! I hate when they do that! So they had someone else translate for her. Oh yeah the good thing is that the other area in our branch now has 2 American elders now, our zone leaders. So they’ll be able to visit and teach her. Hopefully she decides to come back.

That’s it! Bye!