feeling nostalgic…thanks to the Christmas season.

by eddiehopper

Semana del 21 de Diciembre

New week new experiences! President Peña Nieto came to town! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see him, but there were soldiers all over the streets the day he was going to come. I imagine he has a couple enemies these days.

I’m having fun in this new branch here in Acuña. There’s only 4 of us elders here, unlike my last ward, which had 6 of us. One thing I really like about Acuña so far is how helpful and motivated the members are, from my point of view. A couple times now we’ve been visiting families with a young man who is himself a covert. It’s cool to see how excited he is to serve his own mission. We still don’t have names of anyone lined up for baptism, but we’re working on it!

Oh I saved someone’s life! Well I might be exaggerating, the car that almost hit the señora I grabbed probably would have stopped in time. But I like to think I helped. I just feel bad cause I really grabbed her shoulder hard to prevent her from crossing traffic and she was an older woman.. Ni modo. Now I can say I’ve prevented an old lady from crossing the street, although I’ve still not had the opportunity to help one do the same.

We’ve been enjoying the free gringas here too. I haven’t really had to buy any food here in Acuña yet! We always eat plenty for lunch and if we’re feeling hungry later on we’ll grab some gringas to go or eat dinner with members at night (well it’s the cena, which is usually eaten at 7-10 pm based on my experience).

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, thanks to the Christmas season. It’s hard to get in the spirit without all the decorations or the presents under the tree, but, as our mission president reminded us during this year’s Christmas conference, that’s obviously not the purpose for the season. For all those who will be away for Christmas this year, this talk by Elder Holland is really good (and concise!):


I would want to remind everyone of the faith Mary had when, receiving a visit from the Angel Gabriel, accepted her divine ordination without hesitation by saying, “behold, the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy word.” (Luke 1:something). May we all accept the Lord’s will this year as we celebrate his birth and earthly ministry!

Quisiera deciros que amo a todos los que he tenido el placer de conocer. En esta época especialmente recuerdo las muchísimas memorias dulces que disfrutaba en tiempos pasados, y reconozco que me estoy embarcando en memorias nuevas por las cuales estaré muy agradecido en el futuro. Hablando sinceramente, me ha estado difícil últimamente tanto en el área como en la misión en general. Me ha asumido más responsabilidades como parte de ser compa mayor y a veces siento oposición por parte de algunas personas que me rodean y ciertamente me siento solo a veces dado que soy el único gringo entre muchos mexicanos y aun me arrastro con el idioma. Pero sé que el Señor está conmigo porque de vez en cuando he sentido su presencia indudable en mi camino. Me está forjando al igual que me lo hizo en el pasado y sé que esto me hará una persona mejor, mas fuerte, mas lista para los desafíos venideros. Se dice que la misión es como una mini-vida. No sé si esto sea cierto, pero sé que al igual que la vida actual, cualquier desafío se puede vencer con la oración y al poner la fe y confianza en Dios. Que no se olviden eso! Y que a todos le pase una navidad sumamente feliz y con bendiciones del Señor omnipotente! Hasta pronto,

Eddie Hopper