Free meals to all missionaries…no questions asked.

by eddiehopper



Semana del 7 de Diciembre

The biggest news first: they’re transferring me to Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila! My area is called Industrial A. I’m super excited first because this is my chance to escape my Saltillo sentence and experience another city, and also because I’ve only ever heard good things about Acuña as a missionary (besides the 9 hour busride out there). Acuña is right across the Río Bravo (Grande) from Del Río, Texas, too. Aaand apparently there’s a member in the zone who owns a gringa restaurant and offers free meals to all missionaries at any time, no questions asked. Only good things, right? My new comp´s name is Elder Pérez, although I’ve never met him personally.
Besides that announcement, the Christmas conference went well. We had a sort of talen show, so I reluctantly played an arrangement of “O Holy Night” on piano, and then we did a gift exchange. I gave a Mexican ceramic skull full of chocolates in the middle and received a giant pillow, which I trades for some portable speakers. Is this all too mundane? Tell me what you’d like to hear!
Until next week,
Eddie Hopper