Kisses on the Cheeks / Word of Wisdom

by eddiehopper

Semana del 12 de Octubre 2015Featured image

Another week down in Saltillo! It’s still hard to believe I have 6 months here in the mission, and yet we’re quickly heading towards 7! When I asked an elder one of my first weeks in the field how time in the mission had passed for him and he said, “demasiado rápido,” I couldn’t really believe him. Now I see what he means.

We had a pretty regular week. Well once we were walking to eat some dinner with a family and a very very drunk man stopped us to talk. We had actually encountered him before so we knew basically what he was gonna tell us. A lot of stuff about how “bonito” we were and yet how he didn’t want us to visit him. But this time as we were trying to force ourselves out of the conversation, he grabbed my comp, pulled him close, and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. The look of surprise on my comp’s face was priceless, but then it was my turn to be kissed. I just let him do it, he seemed harmless enough. I’m just glad most of the people we’ve run into on the mission have been friendly and have had good intentions. Unfortunately, as humorous as it is sometimes, there are far too many drunks here that should be (I would that there be none), which causes me a certain amount of worry. I know that as missionaries we’ve been set apart with the authority to help people in such situations, but I don’t know how to help these people when there’s a beer store on every street corner of Saltillo. Maybe people can’t admit they have a problem until they’re kissing strangers on the street, at which point it’s too embarrassing to talk sober with two missionaries. All I know is the Word of Wisdom is revelation from the Lord!

I hope you all have a good week and avoid the pitfalls of the world! Love you!!

Elder Hopper