Authentic Serapes!

by eddiehopper

Semana del 19 de octubre, 2015

Pues, otra semana se ha acabado. Y me faltan 17 meses para terminar! Guau.

It’s been a pretty regular week here. I’m hoping things pick up for the next transfer. I think it’s been hard to keep spirits up the entire time so far this transfer, although my companion and I have expressed to each other that we’re going to end this transfer strong no matter what! We only have one week left, so we’re gonna work hard to get some new people to teach and bring the gospel to.

So today was pretty cool cause we were able to go to the center of Saltillo to and buy some authentic serapes! I’ve been meaning to get some for a while because I have a feeling they’re gonna transfer me to another part of Coahuila soon, in which case it’d be quite possible I don’t step foot in Saltillo until March 2017 when I return from the mission. Not much else to repot this week! Todo tranquilo hasta ahora.

Los quiero! Escríbanme! Hasta luego,

Élder Hópper

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