The new house “smells a bit like bachelor (not in the good way)…”

by eddiehopper

Semana del 21 de Septiembre 2015

Well new transfer new house. Haha I must say I miss the one in my previous area. This house smells a bit like bachelor (not in the good way) and it’s infested with all kinds of spiders. Oh and there’s no hot water, right as we’re preparing for the cold season, which apparently exists in this part of Mexico. Ni modo.

My comp, Elder Earl, is pretty sweet. He plays guitar like a champ and I can already tell we’re gonna have a fun change…I mean a change full of lots of hard work. My new area, Fundadores 3, is alright. It’s on the other side of Saltillo butt up against the mountains. The girls on this side of town are easy on the eyes, which is a plus.

Don’t forget me back in the states! I miss you all! see y’all in 18 months!!

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