“friends, is it wrong to kill?”

by eddiehopper

Semana del 14 de Septiembre 2015

¡Qué onda! ¿Cómo están todos? We had a pretty good finishing week of the transfer. I think I was pretty discouraged with my own work this transfer as I had to rely much less on my comp and do things for myself, but in the process I learned a lot. Being with a Oaxaqueño, I think I mostly learned a lot of Spanish. Sometimes I could really hear myself talking like a Mexican. But now we have to say goodbye!! Tomorrow I say goodbye to my area of nativity and head to Fundadores 3, another part of Saltillo. I guess the President isn’t ready to let me head to Monclovita or Piedritas Negritas (no se crean). My next companion is American, an Elder Earl. I look forward to learning from him too, although I will really miss all of the enlightening linguistic conversations I had with Elder Peguero.

So we’ve been working with one young man named Ángel and he’s so gonna get baptized. It’s really neat to see other people develop a testimony of this gospel. This week he told us that his “principal interest is being baptized.” Wow. Who says that? I’m gonna miss him as well as other really cool investigators and members in this area.

Haha so one day we were walking from lunch with a member and a car pulled to side and stopped adjacent to us on the sidewalk and the man rolled down his window and asked, “friends, is it wrong to kill?,” to which we responded, “well, of course.” He said, “why then does God allow people to kill. Why was David permitted to kill Goliath?” I said, “well it depends” and before we could give a better response he told us thank you and drove away. What did I do wrong? lol

Well wish me a good Mexican Independence Day tomorrow! I hope everyone had a good week and remembered 9/11 (I almost forgot woops). Take care and I love you all! Write to me!


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