I feel like we were meant to run into him

by eddiehopper

Semana del 7 de Agosto 2015Featured image

So as I’m still in my area of nativity in the mission, I’ve been getting pretty bored and would like to leave. But then I think about having to pack up all my stuff and leave Saltillo for the upper regions of Coahuila and say goodbye to the many wonderful members and investigators I’ve met here and it makes me want to stay! I’ve fallen in love with Obregón and would probably love to stay for at least one transfer more. Especially since we’ve run into some pretty awesome people this change. One young man enthusiastically accepted our baptismal invitation and was asking us a ton of questions about our church. I feel like we were meant to run into him. I just had an urge one day to go to the farthest end of our area to explore/contact houses, and we ran into him! Also we’re talking with another guy named Ángel who’s really sweet. He’s the nephew of a recent convert that actually gave us the name of her mom. As we were teaching her mom, Ángel walked into the room and we felt the need to give him a Book of Mormon at the end of the lesson. By our next visit, he was telling us he was almost done with 1 Nephi and that there’s no way that the words which it contained didn’t come from God. Now he’s over half-way done with Alma. It’s incredible how The Spirit pushes us to do things out of the ordinary (like giving someone a Book of Mormon on first contact or contacting out in the boonies) to fulfill his purposes.

I really enjoy talking with investigators and listening to their experiences. It’s hard not to spend too much time in people’s homes when the conversation gets particularly interesting or spiritual. Most people’s lives here are a lot harder than mine and I’m constantly reminded of that when I feel like complaining about mission work. But despite some peoples’ circumstances, people here show incredible faith and I love trying to help people kindle that faith. I just wish I were better at getting people to keep commitments. That comes with time I guess.

But how is everyone back home? If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to wish my mom a happy 40th birthday!!!

Love you all. Que Dios les bendiga en dondequiera que anden. ¡Adios!