Something interesting (or perhaps creepy) happened to us this week…

by eddiehopper

Semena del 17 de Agosto 2015

Another week in Saltillo. Things are still going well! Sometimes it’s discouraging how few people follow through on their commitments, but we try nonetheless. Something interesting (or perhaps creepy) happened to us this week. So we were heading home the other night after a lesson with some investigators and it was already dark outside. As we were on our way, I noticed someone walking strangely close behind us. He was about our age and had these crazy eyes that were wide open as if something had surprised him. We crossed the street and he continued right in our footsteps. We crossed between 2 parked cars and he stayed with us. I thought it might have been a coincidence or maybe I was being paranoid, but my comp told me we should pick up the pace. So we did. As soon as we turned a corner, we ran full sprint to lose the guy behind us. We made it home without any problems, but then a couple days later, we encountered the same guy on a trail between 2 neighborhoods. He gave us the same crazy stare as we passed him on our way. At this point I still thought that maybe I was being paranoid but after a couple seconds I looked behind us to take another look at that guy and he was still staring at us. As we walked away, he gave us the “I’m watching you hand gesture.” So it seems we’ve finally made an enemy here.

We’re still trying to work with that man whom we brought to church, but it’s often frustrating trying to get ahold of people since many don’t have cell phones and we don’t have cars or bikes or anything at our disposal to make a short errand. I guess I’m trying to say that the mission is causing me to use my creativity in the way of bringing investigators to church and working with members to get them to help us with situations like that of Francisco’s.

The other day my comp told me, “nunca ha visto una piña como la mía” and proceeded to take out a picture frame from his bag. When he turned the picture frame around so I could see who he had to show me, I saw that he literally had a picture of a pineapple. Bien chistoso.

Well that’s it for this week. I gotta go! I love you all and appreciate the love you send me every week! It seriously makes my week to get emails from my friends. Keep corresponding! Much love,

Elder Eddie Hopper

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