Paint is the solution to every maintenance problem

by eddiehopper

saltillo sign 1

Week of 13 July 2015

Well I don’t have too much time to write this week, but things are
still going well in Saltillo! My comps and I have been working real
hard to get lessons and spread the good news. We actually have 2
baptisms set for this Saturday! WOOOoooooooo….

Alright love you all. Email me! ¡Les adoro!

Elder Hopper


Week of 20 July 2015

So I’ve been informed that I need to send pictures soon. Maybe I’ll get on it next week. We’ll see…

So we had another good week! We didn’t enjoy as many lessons as usual, but we had 2 baptisms on Saturday and the other companionship in our ward had 3, so that’s 5 for Obregòn!

I’m a bit frustrated because I spent the better part of this morning cleaning what was more than likely calcified human waste from the bathroom floor of the house where one of my companions used to live before making our companionship a trio (their toilet had a leakage issue). Humility Elder Hopper, humility. haha

It’s also frustrating that people here treat paint like the solution to every maintenance problem. Oh, you have a crack in the wall? Paint over it. You have a rusty pipe? Paint it. Your ceiling is leaking? Paint it. Your paint is falling off? Paint it. Your house is falling down? Paint it. Haha it definitely makes me glad to live in the United States. Well not for now…

I was able to take a 15 minute break after some cleaning today and as I was dozing off, my comp told me it was time for us to leave. I just woke up and sat there in disbelief for a second. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to get up, but it just reminded me how much we work out here and how hard it is sometimes. I used to think missionaries were immortal, and we defintitely try to put up that facade in front of members, but we’re far from it. Mission work is so raw and real. The most challenging part so far has been not being able to wander off and do just what I want to do. I definitely took that for granted before. I miss that freedom sometimes, but I know it’s not essential for my happiness nor my spiritual growth.

I’m still learning the language little by little. I can mostly express myself, although I talk kind of slow, so I can’t say exactly what I want to say when I want to say it. It’s hard not being able to articulate myself clearly because people just look at me like I know nothing sometimes. That’s also somewhat frustrating. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, neither the work nor the language! This is great. I’m so lucky to be out here!

Alright I hope everyone is doing well. Quiero que sepan que vive nuestro Señor y que Èl trata con nosotros para llevar a cabo nuestro propio felicidad, progreso, y exaltación. Lo hace por medio de un profeta viviente y una iglesia verdadera, la cual es nuestro fundamento. ¡Gracias por sus amistades y por todo! Les amooooo

Elder Hopper