…he spoke Spanish super fast…I think he was born with Ritalin running through his veins.

by eddiehopper

Week of 29 June, 2015

First week of my second transfer over! So our baptism on Saturday fell through but we’re gonna get him underwater this Saturday. I’m not sure if I’ve said anything but I really like this guy. Me cae bien. He’s the fiancé of one of the bishop’s daughters and they’re gonna marry soon, so if things go right, I’ll get to accompany them when they get sealed in the temple at a later date!

So the mission president decided this change to create a new leadership position wherein an experienced missionary would accompany another companionship for a couple days to work with them and teach them everything he learned in the past 2 years. The president decided that the first missionary to be called, Elder Muñiz, would work with us as the first companionship! I’m not sure why we were chosen, but I’m glad he thought of us! So from Wednesday-Saturday we worked with Elder Muñiz and learned from him, which was really overwhelming because he taught us so many tricks and I’m still in my training! I still don’t know what to do as a missionary yet. And he spoke Spanish super fast. Really he does everything super fast. I think he was born with Ritalin running through his veins. I’ve never seen someone work so hard and dedicate so much of his day to mission work. It really motivates me, as well as reminds me how far I have to go haha. I’m so glad he came with us though, because I feel so much more confident in what I should be doing as a missionary!

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Oh yeah the other week I gave my first discourse in church. It went wellish although I’m sure the members could tell how nervous I was. I went on divisions last night with a missionary that was once a locutor (is that an English word?) or voice for the radio, and he was teaching me some tricks to pronounce Spanish better and have a commanding voice. That’s not too mundane is it?

Alright I love you all. Write to me! If you want. Que les vayan bien amigos.