The Satisfaction of Mission Work and The Grossest Thing So Far

by eddiehopper

Week of 8 June 2015Featured image

Wow we’ve had a great week! I don’t have much time at all to write, but I want to report on what we’ve been doing, because admittedly, I’m kind of proud of our work. We have 3 baptismal dates for this Saturday for 3 different kids. One of them bore his testimony in front of the congregation yesterday! He’s so awesome and super loquacious (sp?). His name is Eroz, which is apparently the Greek god of love.

We also have our fair share of adult investigators. I’m really hoping we make our goal of 4 baptisms this change (the change ends the 22 of this month). My companion told me this has been his most successful area. And the zone leader said this is the first time this area will have ever had a baptism! (hopefully I didn’t just jinx it). I don’t know to what I should owe our success thus far. Maybe all of your prayers? Thank you all for your support! I can also really thank the hard work of my companion. I of course still have no idea how to do anything on my own, which makes divisions with other missionaries in my area pretty interesting…

So things are going well in Mexico. I can feel the satisfaction of mission work a little bit now. It’s very rewarding and I’m so privileged to be out here!

Oh also I’m basically the pianist for the Barrio Obregón now. Which is really difficult because they never give me the pieces I should play until the service is about to start. I’m definitely not ready to play hymns but I guess no one else is either. Lol.

So the other week there was a huge hailstorm while we were tracting. We hid under someone’s garage until the rain and hail let up, watching the street that had turned into a veritable river. When it was over, the mountain looked like snow had fallen on it, the hail was so thick. Also the roof of a school collapsed because of the weight of the hail and killed a student, which is really sad. Keep that kid’s family in your prayers.

We were talking to a church member and I asked if he wanted to serve a mission. He said he did, and that he wanted to go somewhere far away, where they didn’t have any money, because he said he’s been blessed with so much that he just wants to see what it’s like to have less. He said he feels over-privileged. What he said really humbles me because compared to where I live, they have very little here, but they have enough to feel blessed and to think about other people. Wow. I’d be embarrassed if any of the ward members saw how big and clean my house is back home.

Also this week we saw the remnants of what used to be a dog on the side of a street. Apparently the owner thought it fit to throw their deceased pet out their window in a plastic bag. Haha and the bag broke because of the swelling. By the time we saw it, all the other dogs had been taking their share of the carcass. Probably the grossest thing so far, but there are a couple close seconds for another day.

Alright I love you all! Take it easy wherever you are my friends!