I’ll see y’all in 22 months!

by eddiehopper

Week of 1 June 2015

Another week down! Things are still going well for me. I’m learning a lot and growing mentally and spiritually. I can feel myself being tried every day. The Spanish is still coming along, although I don’t know how I’ll get a grip on conversational Spanish. Really learning a language is like learning 2 languages: the written or formal language, and then the spoken or casual language. The latter is much more difficult for me.

As hard as it is to be away from home, I am starting to really love this area. We have several investigators now, which is great news considering that we opened this area 3 weeks ago. The other day we went on divisions and I worked with a different Elder in my own area. It was the first time I had to be accountable for our appointments, which made me nervous. My companion told us that if we could find 3 new investigators by the end of the day, he’d buy us all pizza. We managed to get 3 (really solid, IMO) investigators in the knick of time, so he bought all of us a Pizza Hut Big Box! Also my companion/trainer/dad/district-leader said we’ve had the highest numbers our district this change. Not that that means anything in the slightest, it’s just good to see the efforts of hard work. Not much has happened that I can recall right now. I’m just trying to get wrapped up in the work as much as I can, but sometimes I feel like Peter when Christ told him his spirit was willing but his flesh was weak. That was Peter right?

To all those to whom I haven’t yet written, just know that I love you and I’m not ignoring you on purpose! It’s just hard to write to everyone when you only have an hour a week to correspond. I see your emails in my inbox and I’ll get to them eventually. I miss home so much right now. Thanks to everyone for making my adolescence such a rich experience! It’s hard to focus on the present at times when I think about all the friends I’ve been blessed with at home. Thanks for your support and love. Thanks to all those who influenced me for the better. It’s such a privilege to be out here! As today marks 2 months in the mission, I’ll see y’all in 22 months! Love you all and keep in touch!

¡Vayan con Dios!

Con amor,


From Cindy: This is a throwback photo to remind me of how quickly time flies. 22 months will be a blink of an eye…now I need to keep repeating that …

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