gunshots and fireworks and giving up one’s life to serve is a blessing

by eddiehopper

Week of 27 April, 2015

A couple noteworthy events this week.

First, I’m still enjoying myself, despite the work load and the structured lifestyle. The work is not insurmountable (yet) and the language is not kicking my butt (yet). Sometimes I’m frustrated with the crawling pace of the lessons and the way in which some employees feel the need to patronize the missionaries. I definitely need to learn more patience while here. On the bright side, I feel more like myself than I’ve felt in a year or 2. It’s strange. This work is so gratifying. I think about how often people have said that giving up one’s life and most of what they own to serve others is a huge blessing, but I only ever saw it as a sacrifice until now. In many ways I feel like a huge burden has been proverbially lifted from my tired shoulders. For any return missionaries that might be reading this, just know that I’m not saying that I think mission work is going to be easy, haha.

Yesterday, the CCM was at its lowest capacity since I’ve been here. Several districts left us for the field, and there were probably only 70 missionaries here, half of them American. This morning, though, we got several bus loads of Latin Missionaries! Now this place will feel more alive.

Teaching with my companion is going better. Yesterday, our teacher told us that we gave the best lesson she’s ever heard (though she’s recently been trying to encourage us since telling us the Lord was disappointed with our work a couple weeks ago, I imagine). We talked about the importance of tithing and charity work in order to prepare her for “baptism.” We read the story of the rich man in Luke 18 and the poor widow in Mark 12(?) and compared the attitudes of the two people in the stories. My companion have a pretty good system for teaching now. I’ll usually do most of the talking (because Spanish), but then at some point I feel prompted to let him share something. All I have to do is look at my comp, bat my eyes twice, and he’ll start to speak from the heart! His Spanish is getting a lot better. Our prayers have been answered! Lol.

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Not much has happened this week. The days seem to be the same, although like I’ve said before I feel happy. Oh yeah I definitely heard someone die right outside the walls of the CCM on Sunday morning. At around 4:00 AM I awoke to a POP!….POP! POP! POP! POP! (it’s not a Mexican hit without the rapid succession of shots) followed by a groan and some clanking metal. And the gunshots had a distinct sound different from the usual fireworks that the locals are inexplicably setting off throughout the week. So anyways, I’m in Mexico City. Of course I’m safe and protected and people tell me that even violent people here are somewhat God-fearing (or superstitious) and will avoid harming missionaries.

I didn’t prepare a talk this week since I gave one last Sunday but, next Sunday being fast and testimony meeting, I might share some of my Spanish testimony the following Tuesday.

Alright everyone keep it real. God loves you all and has a plan for each of you! I’m thinking of everyone. Love you,


PS. We invited our investigator (teacher) to read Mosiah 4 after our lesson on tithing and charity work because it’s such a wonderful chapter about helping others, among other things, and our teacher said that’s what she was gonna read for her personal study that night anyways!! I thought that was pretty neat.

Also tonight I’m singing tenor for the CCM choir, so pray for me, cause I’ve never done this before.

And if I can’t get to all your emails today, just know that I’m not purposefully ignoring you, but I simply don’t have all the time I’d like to have to talk to all my friends and family. ¡Ciao!