Mexico City is beautiful and the weather is perfect…well…

by eddiehopper

Week of April 6, 2015

I landed safely in Mexico City on Wednesday afternoon and bused to the Training Center (CCM) with only a dozen or so other missionaries. We’ll be the greenies until tomorrow (Wednesday) when another busload of missionaries arrives. There are only 250 of us right now on about a 90 acre plot, but more will be arriving as the school year draws to a close. Mexico City is beautiful and the weather is perfect! Well sometimes I wish a cloud would come and cover up the sun. The city is far more arborous than I had pictured, but other than that there are no surprises. The CCM campus is impeccably manicured and is situated in a particularly festive neighborhood, especially during Semana Santa last week.

Since we first arrived, we’ve been learning non-stop. My Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds! More importantly, the Holy Spirit abounds within the walls of the CCM. Right before I came, I felt like I only had enough faith to decide this is what I should do. Now I can’t think of a better thing to be doing! My prayers to receive greater faith and more enthusiasm have been answered. Sometimes I think about what a sacrifice 2 years is, especially during this Easter season, when we are taught to sacrifice something of ourselves. But then I remember our Savior, who gave 33 or so years to the cause of God, not to mention His life. Nothing we will ever sacrifice can compare to His atoning sacrifice.

I fell asleep on the plane ride here and dreamed about playing with Trudy in our new lawn. When I woke up and realized I won’t be able to do that anymore, I shed a tear about the life I’m leaving behind to go and do this thing. I feel like I’m 8 years old, like all I want to do is feel the cool grass on my bare feet and look for bugs and frogs in the backyard. I’ve felt growing pains while here; not physical growing pains but spiritual ones. I know I’ll be okay because I know I can always have the Comforter as my companion, even if I can’t have my friends or family.

At times, God has allowed me to feel just a portion of the love He feels for us, and I scarce can take it in. We listened to a sermon Elder Jeffrey Holland gave in 2011 and he talked about missionary work following the resurrection of Christ. It took Jesus 3 times to explain to Peter that if he loved Him, he should feed his sheep. As I love God, I feel like I would be at fault if I didn´t give some of my time to bring others to Him. After Holland’s talk, I wanted to run out of the gates of the CCM and give everyone in the city a big hug and tell them how much God loves them! Elder Holland´s words are so inspiring!

My mission companion is a neat guy. When he first came here, he was pretty bad at Spanish (like “yo estar bueno” bad) but he’s been improving tons. And we’re getting along, which I hear is rough for some people. I love talking to the Latinos at the CCM! They all have a great sense of humor. Hispañahablantes are just funnier I guess.

Well I know there’s a lot more I want to say, I just can’t think of it all right now. Don’t change too much everyone! I love you all. Until next week,